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Ready to Create the NEW You?

This 3-month workout guide was created out of a need – I was sick of boring gym workouts, struggling to fit in “Me” time with a busy schedule, wanted to feel good about myself/my life, and I wanted to create a healthy relationship with food.

I knew there had to be a way to make time for my workouts, AND feel good about my life and nutritional choices.

So, NEW (Nina Elise Workouts) was created.

NEW was designed to challenge you, open your mind to a different way of thinking, and test the limits of your mind and body in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose!). Every 2-4 weeks is a new workout, continuously pushing you to challenge yourself as you get stronger, physically and mentally.

If you stick to the workouts, follow the nutritional guide, and make a conscious decision to change your daily thoughts, you WILL see results for a NEW you.

So WHO/WHAT is the NEW you?

This will be different for everyone! The first step is to ask yourself – how do I want to FEEL about myself and what steps can I take to get there? Self-love is extremely important, and by staying focused + saying positive, uplifting words to yourself every day + taking care of your body, you will start to see amazing changes in YOU.

Fitness & nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle. By also making positive changes to your mental and emotional state, you become happier, healthier, and stronger as a whole. 


Getting fit and healthy is easy – you just have to be committed. With the help of NEW, you have a 12-week guide to get you in shape mentally & physically, including instructional exercises, yoga, mobility, and stretching videos, visualization exercises, and suggestions to maximize your nutrition!

All you need is a set of small resistance bands and 2 sets of weights!



HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is used to slim down, burn fat, and keep you burning calories hours after your workout.



Circuit Training = performing several exercises with minimal rest in between each exercise

Circuit Training = performing several exercises with minimal rest in between each exercise



The third month is a combination of HIIT and Circuit Training. The workouts are harder, pushing you past your limits, making you stronger, and burn more fat than before!


“…I am absolutely loving Nina Elise’s 12-week guide. It’s a sensible, uncomplicated approach to health and fitness that isn’t at all intimidating or restrictive. For the first time pretty much ever, I feel like I’m doing something good for my body instead of trying to punish it for my own mistakes. This plan makes me feel so much better about myself while encouraging me to get even better!”

– Beth, Blogger @ Adventures & Anxiety


Hi! My name is Nina Elise, and I’m a certified personal trainer & yoga teacher. I have been active since a young age, running, doing gymnastics, and playing basketball. I love to move my body, try new things, and share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible!

After reconstructive knee surgery in 2014, I began taking different fitness and yoga classes to aid in my recovery. Shortly after, I became a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher, and am now able to share my love of body awareness and mindfulness with my clients.

I have studied and learned from the best teachers & trainers in the world, and combining this knowledge with several years of experience as an athlete, meditation and mindfulness, and my love of anatomy, I created a NEW training style that is challenging, enlightening, and effective!

It is my life goal to help others create a new life for themselves. To get out of their heads, challenge themselves, and become the person they dream about. It is possible, and I am here to help. All you have to do is take the first step by deciding to make a change!



The NEW (Nina Elise Workouts) Guide is a 3-month workout program that combines a 3-point process of change, including Mind/Emotions, Nutrition, and Body.

This guide is specially created to help you lose weight, get strong, learn about mindfulness & eating habits, and have a more positive mindset in a short amount of time!

You will receive access to 3 separate files as part of the NEW guide:

  1. Body
  2. Nutrition
  3. Mind


Instead of reading pages and pages of books and getting overwhelmed with information, this guide is short and sweet, providing exactly what you need to know without wasting hours of your busy life!

You will receive 3 separate E-Books as part of the NEW Guide:

  1. Body Guide
  2. Nutrition Guide
  3. Mind Guide

The NEW Body Guide includes:

  • 3-Months of specially-created, unique workouts that can be done at home or at the gym
  • Detailed videos for every single exercise
  • Yoga, stretching & mobility videos

The NEW Nutrition Guide includes:

  • Macro guidelines
  • Meal examples & links to recipes

The NEW Mind Guide includes:

  • Information on how to make small changes in your mindset that lead to BIG changes
  • Daily exercises to keep you on track & focused
  • Different ways to view your body, nutrition, and how you think

The cost of the NEW Guide is just $50!

$50.00Add to cart

YES and NO. The 3-month NEW Guide was designed to start off easy and become progressively harder as you build strength throughout the program. If you are new to working out, modifications are given for each exercise in the guide. It may seem hard, but the NEW you is tough – and before you know it, you will start to see progress over time!

If you are just starting out and the program is too hard, take your time and do as many reps and rounds as you can. Ideally, you should push through and fully complete every workout. However, depending on your fitness level, it may take some time for your body to get strong & adapt to exercise. The key here is to be patient, but also challenge yourself 🙂

If the program is too easy – congrats! You are in great shape!  If you are looking for more calorie burn or more of a challenge, increase the # of rounds and/or reps + increase your cardio time after the workout.

Results vary from person to person. If you create a vision in your mind on the changes you want, stay consistent with your workouts, and follow the nutrition guide, you WILL see major results in just 3 months! Having a clear goal helps you stay focused and motivated. I recommend writing down what your end goal is and looking at it/visualizing it every day!

Change starts in the mind. Studies have been done that show we think 60-70 thousand thoughts in one day… and of those thoughts, 90% of them are the same as yesterday.

And according to neuroscientist Joe Dispenza, the “Same thoughts always lead to the same choices, [the] same choices lead to the same behavior, and the same behaviors lead to [the] same experiences, and the same experiences produce the same emotions, and these emotions drive the very same thoughts.”

Basically, we are repeating the same thoughts and behaviors every day because we are on auto-pilot. And if you want change, you must change the program you are running on and create a new one.

So you ask what can you do outside of fitness to create change in your life?

It starts with your thoughts. What are you saying to yourself everyday? What are you thinking when you look in the mirror? How often are you saying nice things to yourself?

By becoming aware of the chatter in your mind, you can make small changes.

  • If you hear yourself picking your body apart, look at it and thank it for being amazing! Your heart beats and your body works without you even having to think about it – it does so much for you!
  • If you think something negative about your life, change your language. Choose words that are empowering, like “I used to think I was a failure. Now, I am taking steps to be successful by learning from the past!”

It’s not going to happen overnight (and that’s ok!). It will take awareness and diligence on your part to reprogram how you view yourself. I still struggle myself – the only difference now is that I accept where I am at and actively work to change my own programs with no judgement. So give it a try – if you are still reading this, I KNOW you have the commitment and spark inside of you to change. I believe in you! <3

The workouts start out at 25 minutes. Over time, they increase and can be 25-40 minutes depending on the workout and month.

No, the guide is only available digitally. When you place your order, you will be sent an email with a link to a dropbox folder with the NEW guide. There will be 3 files – Body, Nutrition, and Mind.

I recommend downloading and saving the files to your G-drive or Dropbox – this way, you will have easy access to the guide from your phone, tablet, and computer!

If you really would like a hard copy, you can print out the guide at home. However, please note you will need the digital copy to click on exercises/videos if you need to see an exercise demonstrated, or would like to follow along with a yoga video. 

Nina Elise Workouts are recommended for ages 18-55 – if you are over or below the age recommendation, please consult with your doctor or check with your parents!

It is not recommended to complete the workouts if you are pregnant or less than 6 months postpartum. However, you can discuss with your doctor before embarking on a fitness regimen to provide you with safety guidelines of what you can and cannot do based on where you are at in your pregnancy.

All you need is a set of small resistance bands and 2 sets of weights!

It is recommended to have the set of resistance bands, 1 set of light weights, and 1 set of heavier weights, as you will need to increase the weight/resistance in the workouts as you progress.

However, if you don’t have weights, you can substitute using objects around the house like gallon jugs, cans of food, or bottles (shampoo, water, etc)!

First of all, congrats on your transformation! All of your hard work has paid off, and YOU are walking proof!

You can post your transformation pics to instagram, tag @ninaeliseh, and use the hashtags #ninaeliseworkouts or #NEWGuide. You can also send to!

Questions? Contact Nina!